Paragrafix PGX142 - 1:677 U.S.S. Voyager Photoetch Set FOR KIT: Revell Monogram #3604, #85-3612, 04801 or 04992.

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With over 90 parts, this photoetch set greatly enhances one of the best detailed and most accurate Star Trek kits available. Works with the original and special edition versions of the kit

Etched from 0.010” brass, the set includes:

  • Docking and EVA hatches
  • Textured transporter emitters
  • Replacement warp core covers and details
  • Missing lifeboat covers
  • Easily masked photoetched window inserts
  • Replacements for the solid ready room and conference room windows
  • Impulse engine intakes
  • In-scale B/C deck “roof” details
  • Secondary hull landing gear doors
  • Missing cargo hatches

FOR KIT: Revell Monogram #3604, #85-3612, 04801 or 04992.