Paragrafix PGX174 - 1/500 Star Trek 2009 USS Enterprise Photoetch Set FOR KIT: Revell GMBH 08442

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For the “Star Trek” (2009) and “Star Trek Into Darkness” USS Enterprise kit from Revell GMBH.

Add extra photoetched details to the Starship Enterprise, including:

  • Warp engine Bussard collector blades.
  • Impulse engine grills suitable for lighting*. Includes grills for both the original impulse deck and the “refit” deck added at the end of “Star Trek Into Darkness”**.
  • Complete shuttlecraft hangar, including shuttlecraft.
  • Field sensor grills suitable lighting.
  • An insert for the bridge area to add depth to the window.

* Electronics not included.
** Refit impulse deck compatible with the resin piece from Brad Hair Productions. Sold separately.


FOR KIT: Revell GMBH 08442