ThermalVATBAND - regulates heat for your VAT

We are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with ThermalVATBAND in the USA to bring their amazing product to the UK

ThermalVATBAND is a simple adhesive tape that, when applied to a 3D resin printer VAT, will maintain an ideal temperature for your photopolymer resin, despite the ambient temperature. ThermalVATBAND regulates temperature using two smart thermostats that can be easily attached and are safe to the touch. Using ThermalBand is efficient and cost-effective, with only 12 watts of power costing significantly less than any heater on the market.
– Vatband uses a solid silicone wire, making it durable when an acrylic cover is placed on top.

– Vatband does not have to cover 100% of your VAT; you can still maintain the required heat because the Z axis mixes the resin to ensure homogeneous heat coverage.

One power source can power up to three VATBANDS using a splitter. When sharing one power adapter with three VATBANDS, be mindful that power is distributed equally and maximum power should not exceed 3 on the power band. If you see the power adapter light blink, you should turn down the power until it stops blinking. Because the power is shared, your maximum temperature will range from 75°F to 80°F, whereas one powered VATBAND can reach up to 90°F, and you can use the power adapter to its full capacity.

ThermalVATBAND can be used on all these types of Resin Printer
Energy Efficient                 Multiple Printers

240V Type A,B,I,G    Attach 2-3 printers on one adapter

100% Compatibility

All size VATS from Metal to Plastic