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In The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game you will play the part of individuals struggling to survive in the hostile and unforgiving world known from the TV series. The challenges you face are never trivial, and they can appear from just about anywhere – from the lack of essential supplies, from conflicts brewing within the group, from hidden construction flaws in your safe haven, or from an approaching herd of walkers hungering for your flesh and blood.

There are two ways to play the game – campaign mode and survival mode. In a campaign, the story is not predetermined – your goals and choices, and the result of your efforts while struggling to survive, create the storyline. Survival mode scenarios present you with a pre-determined and often acute problem – they put you right into a dramatic and dangerous situation that needs to be handled immediately. Also, survival mode scenarios often feature locations and characters from the TV series.

CONTENT WARNING: The Walking Dead Universe deals with dark and existential themes, and this roleplaying game is no different. The stories told in this game can be violent and distressing. This is not a game for children.

The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook features rules designed on the basis of Free League’s award-winning Year Zero Engine. It includes everything you need to create player characters, as well as the challenges those characters will face in the world of the dead.

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