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Moebius MMK2001-12 - 1/350 2001: A Space Odyssey Orion Space Clipper Model Kit

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Released in 1968, "2001: A Space Odyssey" is widely regarded as a masterpiece by many science fiction fans. Moebius brings us a model kit of the Space Clipper spaceship seen in the film, from the memorable scenes where this passenger liner of the future gracefully traveled through space to the strains of "The Blue Danube" toward the space station. It was imagined in the film as a "space plane" to connect the Earth and the space station in orbit; it had a passenger capacity of 20 people, a pilot and a cabin attendant.

This kit from Moebius is a completely new mold! If you lack the room to display the massive 1/72-scale version of this iconic spacecraft, this kit is what you need -- it'll be the perfect size to display on your desktop when completed. It's also ideal to display together with Moebius's 1/350-scale Discovery! The panel lines on the spacecraft's outer hull are carefully reproduced for a real-world look, and a base for display will be included. Both SF fans and movie buffs will love having this kit in their collection -- place your order now!

[Size]: Approximately 15cm long when completed

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