Paragrafix PGX144 - 1/32 Battlestar Galactica Viper Mk VII Lightable Photoetch Set FOR KIT: Moebius #916 / Revell 04989

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Add a complete, accurate cockpit to the Viper Mk VII model from Moebius Models.

Every button, switch and display from the full-sized Viper Mk VII is included. Almost all items that are lit on the set are through-holes that transmit light if lit*. Plastic film displays are provided for all ship’s graphics panels.

The heavy brass photoetch (0.010” thick) is easy to bend for even novice photoetch users. In most cases a tool is not even required to bend - just use finger pressure.

Replaces a single kit part (the cockpit tub, #7) and requires modification to only two parts (the heads up display and the lower fuselage). Otherwise, it's "plug and play".

Includes two sets of engine exhausts - one suitable for lighting and the other for non-lit builds.

* Electronics not included.


FOR KIT: Moebius #916 / Revell 04989